Fretworks Repair Center

We preform a wide variety of repairs. Below are some examples of the work that we do. We will be glad to give you an estimate before we begin work. Contact us if you have specific needs or inquiries.

Set up-Basic maintenance that should be performed to keep your guitar in great shape. Also highly recommended when you purchase a used guitar - no telling what adjustments have been made and by whom. Involves a cleaning and restring, adjust truss rod, set action, set intonation, check electronics and hardware Cost is $45 acoustics, $50 electrics, $55 multistringed instruments and $65 electric guitars with Floyd Rose type tremelo bridge.(you provide your favorite set of strings)

Fret dress-This is a restoration performed on worn frets. Fret wear is something that happens naturally over time. The frets become flat or dented. This situation can cause poor intonation or fret buzz. The procedure is simple and painless. Assuming the frets are not too worn, we level the frets to remove the dents and then recrown them. Finally, we polish the frets. After the procedure we perform a set up. Total cost is $95.

Refret-A bit more complicated than above, but not uncommon. Sometimes the wear is extensive,previous fretdresses have been performed, the frets were very low to start (Les Paul "fretless wonders") or the client simply wants a change to suit their playing style. In this case, the frets are removed and replaced and a new nut is installed. This procedure is obviously a lot more involved, but sometimes it is the only solution. Prices range from $225 and up depending on the condition of the fingerboard and if the guitar has binding on the neck.

New Nut-The nut is replaced when damaged,worn-causing buzzing when playing open strings,the client wants a diffent sound, or for cosmetic reasons. We prefer to use bone because it is natural and provides a good clear tone and sustain. We offer white or antique (goes nicely with vintage models). We also offer water buffalo horn, which is black. Additionally,manmade products are available such as graphite (a favorite among Strat players) - it is self lubricating. Cost is $60 for most instruments. $75 for 12 strings.

New Saddle-Acoustic-Similar to nut replacement. If you're having problems with buzzing, high action or particularly poor sound quality (nothing can ruin your sound more than a crummy saddle - it is the lifeline between your strings and the bridge) Cost is $55, compensated saddles $75

Bridge Repair-Acoustic-The most common repair to acoustic instruments - so don't worry! Sometimes the bridge begins to separate from the body. This causes poor sound projection and if not attended to, could permanently damage your instrument or yourself.To repair this situation, we carefully remove the bridge and resecure it to the body. There is a supporting piece under the bridge called a bridge plate. Usually it is fine,but if damaged the repair becomes more involved. Most bridge repairs cost $80 - 100.

Crack Repair and Other Breaks-Each case is different. The repair depends on the location of the damage, the amount of time that has passed and how many pieces there are. Cracks should be repaired as soon as they occur because they will grow.Broken headstocks can usually be repaired. Broken necks cannot and have to be replaced. Cost is by the hour which is $50(charged by the 1/4 hr).

Electronics Repair/Replacement-A variety of repairs fall under this category. Most are simply replacement repairs because electronics wear out. Scratchy volume and tone controls are the most common along with toggle switches. Most parts are easy to find and in stock, some are special ordered, some are custom made, some older parts are no longer available , but there are always options. Cost is by the hour which is $50(charged by the 1/4 hr) plus parts.

Electronics - Custom-Here's the fun stuff. Wire your Strat to add the bridge pickup to your neck pickup or activate all three pickups at once! Very cool. Wire your guitar to switch your pickups out of phase. Add a kill switch. Wire your humbucker to cut one of the coils giving you a single coil sound. We also do routing for new pickups. The list goes on. Cost is by the hour which is $50(charged by the 1/4 hr) plus parts.

Other Stuff-Everybody has specific needs or great ideas.
Contact us and we'll be glad to help.